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Wills & Powers of Attorney

At Werhun Law, we can assist you with the preparation of your wills, as well as Powers of Attorney for Property and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care.


A will takes effect when you die and sets out your wishes once you pass away. A common misperception is that you do not need to have a will because all of the assets you own in your name alone will pass to your spouse in any event. But, this is not necessarily the case, particularly if you have children. It is important to have a will to ensure that your wishes are documented and that your loved ones are adequately taken care of once you pass away.


Powers of Attorney for Property and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care take effect while you are alive and are no longer valid once you are deceased. They are important documents that allow individuals you designate as your attorneys to step into your shoes and to deal with your property, as well as your personal care if you are injured or incapacitated and cannot make your own medical decisions. If you do not have a Power of Attorney in place, under the Ontario Substitute Decisions Act, the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee would make decisions on your behalf. To ensure that your wishes are respected, you should have Powers of Attorney prepared documenting your intentions.

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